The Short Straw

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Every sale of The Short Straw provides one person in the developing world with access to safe water for 3 years. Learn more here.

 The days of single use plastic straws are over.

Introducing - The Short Straw

The Short Straw is a reusable telescopic drinking straw made from the highest quality food-grade 304 Stainless Steel and comes in a super stealthy Space Grey finish.

Each straw is supplied with a telescopic cleaning brush and silicone comfort tip. All of which tuck away in the included anodised aluminium carry case so you never have to leave home without it.



The Short Straw packs a punch. It extends from 10cm to 23.5cm in the blink of an eye - perfect for any size cup or mug. We use only the finest quality food-grade 304 Stainless Steel - meaning your Short Straw will never rust or leach nasty metallic tastes into your drinks.

The Short Straw is suitable for use in both hot & cold beverages. It can even handle thick shakes & smoothies (take that paper straws!)



Each Short Straw comes with its own telescopic cleaning brush, making it super easy to keep clean.

We recommend cleaning your Short Straw after every use. 

Comfort Tip


We get it - not everyone is a fan of the feeling of metal between their lips. That's cool. We include a removable silicone comfort tip which fits on the end of the Short Straw.

We recommend using the comfort tip any time you're drinking a hot beverage as the straw will become warm during use.



The Short Straw, cleaning brush & comfort tip all tuck away neatly into their own stealthy carry case. Made from rugged anodised aluminium.

It allows you to travel with your Short Straw whilst keeping it clean, dry & protected.

The case features both a keyring and carabiner attachment to allow it to connect to almost anything. Keep it in your bag. Keep it on your desk. Keep it in your car. The Short Straw goes wherever you go.

You'll never be without a straw again!

The Straw That Gives Back

The Short Straw is designed to be better for the planet and everyone on it. Not only does it prevent potentially millions of single-use plastic straws from ending up in our oceans and landfills, but for every sale it also provides one person in the developing world access to safe water for 3 years through our charity partner Learn more about our impact here.

We believe in a sustainable future for all. Let's make the world #suckless


Are Plastic Straws Really That Bad?

You bet! Did you know, the UK alone disposes of 3,570 tonnes of plastic straws every year - most of which end up in our oceans. The average plastic straw takes up to 200 years to fully decompose. You get the picture?

We believe that big changes start small. Lots of individuals making tiny changes to their daily lives can compound quickly. Eliminating plastic straws from our lives is one of the easiest changes we can all make - so what are you waiting for?

What's Wrong With Paper, Bamboo or Glass Straws?

We believe almost anything is better than single-use plastic straws - but the truth is that many of the current alternatives are far from perfect.

Paper Straws - designed to be a recyclable alternative to plastic straws. These tend to become soggy after just a few minutes of use. Many of them are also lined with a polymer coating meaning they're not even recyclable at all. They also collapse when faced with thick shakes or smoothies.

Bamboo Straws - a reusable and recyclable alternative. We really like bamboo straws. However, they can be difficult to clean and can affect the taste of your drinks. They also tend to be quite bulky.

Glass Straws - reusable and recyclable, but dangerous. Glass straws feel great in the mouth, are easy to clean and will not leach unwanted tastes into your drink. They are however quite fragile and are not suitable for small children.

Non-Telescopic Stainless Steel Straws - almost perfect, but not quite. These have become a very popular alternative but they have a few major downfalls. Firstly, they're nearly all quite bulky. They also tend to be too skinny for smoothies & shakes. Hot drinks are also out of the question due to the lack of an insulated tip.

Why Do I Need To Carry My Own Straw?

Carrying your own straw has several key benefits:

Better For The Planet - we're not going to get all preachy on you but we all understand the damage waste plastic is doing to our oceans and our environment. Let's all strive to become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. 

More Hygienic - do you know who may have touched that straw dispenser before you? Can you trust that the glass in your favourite restaurant is really clean enough to put your lips on? Don't take the risk. 

Increased Street Cred - this is fairly undeniable.

How Do I Look After My Short Straw?

We've designed The Short Straw to be really easy to look after. Simply rinse it with water and pull the included cleaning brush through it a couple of times after each use - especially if you've had a sticky or sugary drink.

Read our full care guide here.

Does It Affect The Taste Of Drinks?

Nope. Provided the straw is kept clean, it should not affect the taste of your beverage.

Does It Come In Any Other Colours

Not at the moment. Black goes with any outfit though - we promise!

How Long Will My Straw Take To Arrive?

We are proud to offer free standard shipping on all domestic orders. We dispatch all orders next day from London, UK. Delivery times vary depending on delivery method and destination. You can view our full list of countries and shipping times here.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    It's so much better than I expected - way better than those cheap feeling plastic ones everyone is going around with. Just wish it came in more colours, although the black does look super stealthy


    Bought one for my husband to take to work and he absolutely loves it! The little cleaning brush that fits inside is a great touch


    So handy! I've used bamboo straws in the past but never really liked them. This folds down so small and the included case is great!